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The organizers on this occasion got it right by starting with an initial exhibition for beginners and gradually increasing the level of complexity. The talks, which lasted only twenty minutes, printed a good rhythm to the day. That time, in principle something scarce, was enough for almost all the topics that were discussed.

One of the most interesting talks was “WordPress is not responsive”, in which Daniel Martínez clearly separated what it is to design a web design hong kong with HTML and CSS and its subsequent integration with WordPress (or any other CMS). It was not that I learned anything new – in fact I did – but it was like seeing and hearing in someone else’s mouth the same perspective of the subject that I have. In my opinion, this very interesting topic required more than twenty minutes.

The other speakers were fantastic and infected their passion for work well done to all attendees. The professionals of Mecus demonstrated once again that they know the WordPress guts as if they had developed them, in fact Rafa Poveda , who spoke about JetPack, contributes code to the WordPress kernel.

I had never stopped to look closely at what BuddyPress does and I have to confess that I thought it was incredible. It is not so much about launching a new social network (hehe) as hosting a community of users on our own website.

Many times I find web pages with excellent designs, harmonious and contrasted color schemes, with spectacular images that support the content but that fail to arrange the text boxes drastically impoverishing the general impression.

It seems that the designer had left the text work for the end: and here, in this space, the text goes». Maybe it’s because you usually receive the content at the end, when the client has already seen your page. The fact of not having a careful and quality material from the beginning can make it not given the importance it deserves.

We should not forget that the first goal of any site is to communicate our message, to read us. Content marketing, it sounds, right? That content has to be presented impeccably.

On the Internet, you can read if the content is of quality and is well presented. I’m tired of hearing that the internet does not read. I do not think that’s true. If you do not read more, it may be because we have not worried enough about the way we present the texts. Of course I’m not going to read your 600-word text with a body of 11 pixels and an interline that makes me cry. That way he could not read Cortázar.

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