Joint pain is a very common

Joint pain is a very common symptom that makes the daily life of many people difficult. Discomfort in knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, etc., in the form of punctures, acute pain, stiffness and inflammation, make it impossible to carry out many activities and can affect such important factors in the quality of life Flekosteel Review, such as sleep and the fact of having a good rest.

One of the elements that you need to know to know how to reduce joint pain are its causes. The spokesperson of the Spanish Society of Rheumatology (SER) and rheumatologist of the University Hospital of Bellvitge, in Barcelona, ​​Montserrat Romera, explains that the joint pain can be of mechanical or inflammatory characteristics.

According to the specialist, “when joint pain is of mechanical characteristics, it is called function, because it increases with movements and efforts, and improves with rest .” This type of joint discomfort, explains Romera, “is characteristic of degenerative processes, such as osteoarthritis”.

When the pain, on the other hand, is of inflammatory characteristics, the expert affirms that “it does not improve with rest and is usually accompanied by redness and swelling of the joints”. These symptoms are characteristic of inflammatory rheumatic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis Flekosteel.

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